Tuesday’s Ten: Interview

A few years ago, I was writing a different blog and I used to do a “Tuesday’s Ten” count each week. I liked the format because it was quick, had bullet points (I love these) and it allowed me to summarize several short thoughts concisely. I tend to be wordy, so the short format was challenging for me.

This week, I’ll begin this series with some GREAT news.

  1. I applied to a job last week that sounded like an amazing fit.
  2. I got a call YESTERDAY for an interview to be held TODAY.  Fast turnaround!
  3. I learned that I must iron clothes the night before I need them.
  4. No one noticed any creases.
  5. The interview went GREAT!!  What a wonderful conversation it turned out to be.
  6. Reading interview tips the night before an interview is actually a really good idea and one I think I’ll continue.
  7. Later, because I. GOT. THE. JOB.
  8. Yes, already!  I hadn’t even sent out the thank you note yet…
  9. I am so excited and happy today I can’t stand myself.
  10. I’ve had some good jobs go south, and some bad jobs get better – but for today I will celebrate.

I think it’s pretty obvious what I am thankful for, on this tenth day of November.  Happy day, indeed.  Also thankful for the note I saw this morning.


Little G makes me laugh (she’s the “B”).


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