Accepting the Glitch

I was supposed to be at an event today, sharing my love for essential oils and hopefully making some money for the holidays. I had things pretty well planned in my head, down to table decorations and the sugar lip scrub I’d make.

It didn’t work out. I wasn’t able to go, for a variety of reasons, and I wasn’t able to find someone to go in my stead. All day I have felt a vague, niggling unease, like I’d forgotten something or as though I were playing hooky.  I felt like I was letting someone down, and honestly that someone may very well have been me.

So mainly I am writing this for myself – get over it.

Sometimes, despite good intentions and the best-laid plans, a decision is made that this particular opportunity isn’t the right one to take. Or situations arise that make the opportunity impossible, or at least a bad fit. Illness, accident, husband’s duty schedule, finances, other options – there are as many reasons for plans to change as there are freckles on my arms. And I am a very freckly person.

Any time that I take second-guessing my choice about today, or any other event that might not end up being a good fit for me or my family, is time that is stolen. It is time that I could use building this blog. It is time I could use developing a business model, or filling out job applications, or brushing up my skills. It is time I could use watching a movie with my family, and cherishing our moments together. Time is already finite, and when plans change and a block opens up for other options – I am not going to spend that block of time fretting about what I could or should have been doing during it.

Sometimes we have to shift our personal lives to make room for our professional goals or obligations, at differing levels of success and benefit. Sometimes we have to shift our professional plans when our personal lives take priority. Neither is all good nor all bad.

I wish I could say that I will never have another circumstance where I’ll have to back out of a planned event. I try very hard not to say “yes” until I know it will be a “definite”. I find I say a lot of “maybe” and then follow it up with a final decision. However, there are times when what seemed like a good fit, isn’t. Or times when a schedule gets changed for one member of a family and everyone has to adjust. Semper Gumby- I pride myself on always being flexible. And some days I have to remain flexible enough to accept the glitch when things don’t work out.

So what am I thankful for this seventh day of November?  I am thankful for the chill in the air, the rain we have needed, and the fact that my parents raised me to worry less about what others thought and more about what mattered in the long run.



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