Sing Anyway!

There are some things at which I (blush, blush) excel. And there are some things I really enjoy, but have little to no skill.

Singing is one of those things. I love to sing. Sing it loud, sing it soft, sing it all day long – I really love to sing along to music.  The problem is, and I’m well aware, this is not a real skill that I possess. Little G tells me I’m off beat when I tap my foot to a song, and I’ve been told I’m off tune more times than I can count.

You know what?

I still sing at church. I still sing in the car. I still go caroling when I get the opportunity.

Is there something in your life that you really enjoy? Writing poetry, maybe. Or running – maybe you look like you’re trying to avoid falling when you run, or you run like a duck.  (Both of these apply to me.) Do you enjoy arts and crafts, because it soothes your soul, but the results are less than Pinterest-worthy?

Do it anyway.

Sing, write, create, run – do what gives life to your days.


So what am I thankful for, this fourth day of November?  Today I am thankful for music as I drive, and the soft autumn light that turns everything golden.


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