Thinking Thursday: Halloween

This Saturday is Halloween, and I am looking so forward to seeing all the little costume-clad visitors at our door.  In years past, this was one of my few “decorating holidays,” and the girls would help me decorate inside and out. Spiders, black cats, ghosts and goblins – they were everywhere we’d look.

Holidays change as our girls are growing. First Big G moved away to college, and now Little G is more interested in her group’s get-togethers and plans.  We don’t decorate anymore, except for the front door.  (My G likes to put a cover on the door that lights and makes creepy noises…he is the candy-giver when he is home.)  I still buy candy, though, and we still leave the light on so little trick-or-treaters will know our house is ready for them.

Here is this week’s question –

What is Halloween to you?

To me, Halloween is usually the first major milestone on the way to the blessed relief from the heat. I grew up in the Southwest, and we live in Texas – it often stays hot right up until and often past Halloween. Even here, however, the nights have usually begun to cool and we have sometimes seen the first “cold snap” (if an evening that reaches 50 degrees can be considered a cold snap).

Halloween is socializing, quick visits with neighbors and strangers. It is the humor of the costume, the awesome and the absurd.

Halloween is candy, and I definitely do have a sweet tooth.

Halloween is family, whether we trick or treat or not – there is a pause as we stop work or school and do something just a little different from the norm.

How about you?


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