Seeking the Rainbow

On the eve of September 11, a huge rainbow touched down on the site of the World Trade Center. Some had the rainbow beginning on that site, some people wrote that it ended there as a benediction.

Rainbows are pretty special, for being refractions of light through water. Biblically, they are proof of God’s covenant with His people.  People see it as a sign of hope, of unity, and of balance.

Last night, we had a downpour as we were driving home, and Little G mentioned that she didn’t remember the last time she’d seen a rainbow.  I pointed out that the way the clouds looked, combined with the angle of the sun, meant it was perfect rainbow weather.

Perhaps because I look for them, I see a lot of rainbows.

Sure enough, I saw a gorgeous rainbow in my rearview mirror as I drove to take dinner to My G.  A lot of my local friends saw rainbows, too, and some shared.

Nicki Luther rainbow

Barely there, but it’s there – Nicki Luther

Sue rainbow

Thank you, Susz.

I’m writing this on September 11, 14 years after tragedy struck our nation. 14 years since the Army, and the United States, were changed in ways we are only now beginning to realize and understand.  14 years of rapid deployment, fear, military hyper-readiness, and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We are in a storm.

Are we seeking the rainbow?  Are we looking for the promise of peace, of hope, of God’s promise to us?

When the storm is gray and harsh, do we seek the sunlight and the rays of hope?

Let’s promise tonight, that in the midst of storms both political and personal, we will seek the light.  We will look behind and beyond the clouds for the light to shine in, and we will accept the promise that He is with us and there is hope.


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