Thinking Thursday: Watering Our Trees

This has been the draggiest, tiredest, most worn-out-feeling “Second Week of School” that I can remember, ever.  I drop like the dead into sleep, I rise feeling stretched and a little achy.

I am not blooming.


Maybe it’s the mattress.

Maybe I’m coming down with something.


I can see in the eyes around me, both my family and my friends, that we are all feeling exhausted. We are dry and parched. Our lovely weekend between Week One and Week Two seems to have done absolutely nothing to help us bloom or thrive this week.

I need a nap.

I know I’m not alone.

In one of my texts, the authors describe individual development using the metaphor of a tree – our family and friends and schools are our roots, the environment is our soil, and the trunk is made up of our behavior, attitudes, and personal resilience.

Perhaps my soil is dry.

Perhaps I need to water my trees.

Consider self-care to be your water, helping you bloom. So here is my question:

How are you watering your trees today?

Self care is crucial, and seems to be the number one thing that we, especially women, let go by the wayside.  For this reason, I’ve spent time with friends, attended the most amazing movie, and I’ve been trying to eat better.  I’ve exercised, I’ve laughed, I’ve gone to bed earlier.

It’s helped a bit, and I am looking into ways to feel less draggy. We are all going easy on ourselves this week, and giving grace where needed.  (Such as when my sweet husband asks if I want him to get our daughter from school…and I think it’s all settled…and he comes straight home without her. Good thing she’s a patient sort.)


Even a dry Texas sage can bloom like mad in the right conditions.


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