Thinking Thursday – What Changes are You Facing?

This time of year always feels more like “New Year’s” than January 1. In some areas, the air is beginning to chill, the trees are changing, the birds are gathering for their journeys.  Even in hot, arid Texas, the sense of change is inescapable.

Change is not always scary – this is one time of year when change is embraced and celebrated!

It’s a wonderful, exciting time for most of us.  I have always loved fall, both because I enjoyed school and because of the sense that anything could happen.  The wind kicks up just a little crazy, the leaves dance, there is a scent of smoke (yes, even here in Texas and also in Arizona where I grew up) – so much possibility.

So tonight I ask you –

What changes are you facing?

Is it a new teacher who might approach your child in a way that just “clicks”?

A new job?

A second chance?

Perhaps you, too are in school – is there a class that will ignite your passions?

Are there scary changes you are facing?  Can I pray for you, or with you?

We know there are big changes coming for us, and we know there are big opportunities waiting for us.  For now, we watch to see when the leaves begin to dance – and then we will join them.



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