Thinking Thursday – A New Routine and Weekly Question

So I’ve wanted to have a weekly blog post that would get other people to think a little bit, about their lives or things they know or even things they don’t know.  What I came up with was this:  Thinking Thursday.  Each week, I’ll write a prompt – sometimes a question, sometimes a quote, sometimes song lyrics.  And then I’ll write my own thoughts.

What do you think?

This week’s Thinking Thursday is all about the first days of school.  I’ve always thought that this seemed more like New Year’s than January First.  It seems to do it better. Even if you don’t have kids or if you’re not in school yourself, you can’t help but feel the surge of energy that back-to-school brings.  Plans are made, goals are set, calendars are re-written and sometimes created.  It’s an exciting, refreshing/refreshed time.

So here is my question for you:

What are you most looking forward to, at this moment?

Little G is headed to her second year of high school, and I am getting ready to begin my LAST TWO classes of my Master’s Degree.  Big G is beginning his classes for ACAP, which is a fancy Army way of saying HE WILL RETIRE SOON.  🙂

Did I mention this is all on the same exact day?

All in all, there is a lot of “beginning” in our lives.  It is like springtime, in that the first signs of it are small and fleeting. We have to pay attention to the little things – the first day of school (wherein I will work hard to convince Little G to let me take a photo), the initial posting to classes, the paperwork that will result from both My G and Little G’s first days.

I look forward to beginnings.

The new notebooks, the fresh pens, the excitement and absurdity of those first nervous moments in a new venture or a new school year…there is so much hope and strength and courage in these first few moments.

My friends have been posting first-day pictures, and my teacher friends have been showing off new classrooms – there is such courage in the beginnings!  We all have had less than stellar “first days,” and less than amazing years – but we head into it again, with our kids or with our jobs or both, and we do it anyway.

So here is to amazing first days.  And to facing that second day, no matter how the first day went.

What are you looking forward to?



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