Inspired: July Goals


As I sit here writing, I have an exam that is waiting for me.  I also have a huge (to me) paper to write and a final draft to clean up and submit.  The current term ends on Friday, and I am suffering from almost-done fever.

It will pass.

I will get it done.

But in the meantime, I read this post on July goals and felt inspired.  Thank you, Samantha.

We are halfway through 2015, and I feel as though I have reached some important goals and let others completely slide by the wayside.  Time to step up my game.

Let’s start with the picture above.  The huge pile of textbooks are to supplement the paper that is due Friday, so we will pretend that they are gone.  But the rest of the desk is an utter mess as well.  This desk is representative of a lot of things, and when I clean it up, the rest falls into place as well.

July Goals:

  • School and Self:  Finish the current term.  (Then I only have two classes to go!)
  • CLEAN UP THIS DESK.  That means frame the picture, sell or store the books, file the papers, shred the trash, take care of the unclaimed property paperwork.  The empty box lid?  It stays. It’s for the cat.
  • Marriage – At least one date a week, even if it’s an afternoon at Lowe’s.
  • Kiddo 1 – Care package on the way next week!
  • Kiddo 2 – Trip to see family, possible Six Flags trip during my break.
  • Health and wellness – haircut (mental health) and at least a long walk three times weekly.
  • Writing – Write twice weekly.
  • Reading for wellness – Do Over and create a master list of books like this so I read one per month.

One big goal is to clean up this blog and make it more visually appealing.  That includes my use of fonts, spacing, photos, and organization.  I have two weeks with no school and no work in July – I can take that time to do those things that matter, to build up habits for the rest of the year.  I’m just now learning WordPress and all of the bells and whistles that go with it, so please bear with me.

By the way, Samantha is another example of a new friend who I met because of the interconnectedness of the web.  She is married to a friend of mine from high school (and we really don’t need to get into how long ago THAT was), and posted in a Facebook “Hustle” group that branched off the Do Over book and blog.  She made a friend request, I accepted, and it just makes me smile how we can reach out and feel less alone sometimes, just because someone raised their hand in the dark and said, “Me too.”


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