At the Beginning….

More and more lately, I have noticed the absence of something. It’s as though I can just catch a glimmer of it in the corner of my eye, but I look and it’s not there. Or it’s like those times you think you hear a phone ring, or a child cry, but then there is silence.

Where are the grown-up bloggers?  Where are the moms with the teenagers, or the moms with the kids away at college?  Where are the moms who are facing their parents’ immortality?

Surely I am not alone.

I know I am not.

We just aren’t writing about it, and we just aren’t visible, so we feel alone.

This blog is my attempt to change all of that.

I have written two other blogs. The first one was about my husband’s transition to civilian life and what it is like to face great change, but then he is still a soldier and we are still facing those changes. Life is funny that way. The second one was a project called 52 Voices, 52 Prayers, where I took a year to explore just about every type of church, and then finally chose one.  I took about a year off of blogging, or really off any writing except for school, but I desperately missed it.

It’s time to begin again.  I hope you’ll learn from my mistakes, smile when you recognize the humor in shared experience, and let me know what you think.


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